Recently, a community member asked how is one able to reference the current running user for replacing a report quick link in classic to be available for lightning. This post sets out to answer that. The nitty gritty, there is not a User Global Variable, e.x. {$User.Id}, in Lightning components […]

Quick Links in Lightning – Referencing the Current User

Someone in the community was asking if there was a way in Salesforce Lightning Experience to display a report via a URL Parameter, using the new feature – Filter Reports via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience – added with Spring ’17 release.  We were able to easily meet the requirement for posting […]

URL “Hacks” as Buttons in Lightning Experience

For developers, we all know that it is not very good to keep our passwords, usernames, and security tokens in a plain text file, yet the sample provided by Salesforce in the force.com migration tool does this.  I was looking for a better way.  I have a few but ultimately, […]

Authentication Into ANT

After needing a list of permissions and what permissions they enabled, I set out to do some javascript hackery, some powershelling and got an output.  A few hours of work (instead of clicking and seeing what changed, since that wouldn’t be annoying…) produced the below. Note: If you try to […]

What user permissions are dependent upon each other?

I’ve managed to create quite a few process builder and flows for demonstrating concepts to the community or have had multiple drafts trying to get a flow to work.  Either way, if you have quite a few process builders or flows that you’d like to get rid of, this is […]

Deleting Lots of Old Flows / Process Builders

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened: I’ve been knee deep in Lightning / learning Lightning Components and development and have been working on an application that I am hoping to release very soon that I think will help the community (more to […]

The Salesforce Community: Why it matters to me

Do you ever find it hard to get a list of who has what permissions inside of Salesforce?  Don’t worry, I’ve been there.   There are several objects on the backend that can help you determine this information and, with a little excel magic, you’ll have great documentation or a […]

Who has what permissions?!

In the previous post on ANT, we learned how to retrieve components in bulk.  In this post, we’re going to learn how to retrieve specific metadata components and deploy them to an organization after removing them. First thing is first, please make sure that you’ve spun up a new developer […]

ANT Series – Getting Specific

ANT, versus other tools First of all, what is “ANT” (aka the force.com migration tool)?  ANT is a command line utility that allows for you to retrieve metadata or to deploy metadata to your organizations with ease.  So, you might be asking yourself, why would I want to use a […]

ANT Series – How do I get started?

Okay, so we all know that we need to keep versions of our quotes once they are a accepted or rejected, right?  How else are executives supposed to know how a sales rep went from a 10k deal to a 1M dollar deal, or vise versa? Obviously, the latter situation […]

Version Your Darn Quotes!