Last year in 2016, I had the pleasure of asking Marc Benioff about the my perceived disconnect from Product Management and its broader user base.  I mentioned how I felt that as MVPs we had an opportunity to contribute more to the community and that it felt as though our […]

Open Letter to Benioff, Parker Harris & PMs – Product ...

I had the pleasure of attending the first annual WITness Success conference and it was the most rewarding and empowering conference I have attended. Not because it was about the technology, but because it was about the people behind the technology.  It was about their experiences in technology as an […]

WITness Success: What it means to be an ally

NOTE: As of Winter ’18, API v41, all components below are available with the standard lightning:dynamicIcon component. This post will continue to exist should anyone need to reference for making their own SVGs.   With the addition of the new Lightning:icon components, it’s great for being able to easily add the […]

Dynamic Icons in Lightning Components

I felt like I needed to add a little pizazz to some of my components.  I do this using CSS3 animations.  The below is an example of how I did just that.  Now, a quick disclaimer, a lot of this is hardcoded but I could refactor it to make it […]

Animation in components – HTML, CSS & Javascript

Recently, a community member asked how is one able to reference the current running user for replacing a report quick link in classic to be available for lightning. This post sets out to answer that. The nitty gritty, there is not a User Global Variable, e.x. {$User.Id}, in Lightning components […]

Quick Links in Lightning – Referencing the Current User

Someone in the community was asking if there was a way in Salesforce Lightning Experience to display a report via a URL Parameter, using the new feature – Filter Reports via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience – added with Spring ’17 release.  We were able to easily meet the requirement for posting […]

URL “Hacks” as Buttons in Lightning Experience

For developers, we all know that it is not very good to keep our passwords, usernames, and security tokens in a plain text file, yet the sample provided by Salesforce in the migration tool does this.  I was looking for a better way.  I have a few but ultimately, […]

Authentication Into ANT

After needing a list of permissions and what permissions they enabled, I set out to do some javascript hackery, some powershelling and got an output.  A few hours of work (instead of clicking and seeing what changed, since that wouldn’t be annoying…) produced the below. Note: If you try to […]

What user permissions are dependent upon each other?

I’ve managed to create quite a few process builder and flows for demonstrating concepts to the community or have had multiple drafts trying to get a flow to work.  Either way, if you have quite a few process builders or flows that you’d like to get rid of, this is […]

Deleting Lots of Old Flows / Process Builders

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened: I’ve been knee deep in Lightning / learning Lightning Components and development and have been working on an application that I am hoping to release very soon that I think will help the community (more to […]

The Salesforce Community: Why it matters to me